Social Conversations Discussion Event
All participants receive 30 days access to one age category
We would like to invite anyone who has concerns about helping your child with social conversations.  We are in the process of launching a new tool that will help aid in practicing various social conversations for different age groups and we'd like your input!

This free event is aimed at sharing discussions around what the challenges are with your children in social situations and how to create a  safe way for them to practice having these conversations. 

When: January 26th 7:00 pm Central

Where: Online

Who should attend: Parents, teachers, speech therapists

Why should I participate: We hope this is a great way for parents and others to talk about the different social conversations that their children have or may have as they mature.  Whether it's talking about what happened at school or facing questions about drugs, getting a part time job or just how to socialize after school, we're hoping we can all share our experiences and learn how to build a tool kit that will help your child face these situations with more confidence.


If you can't attend but would like to provide us with suggestions, please provide your feedback in the fields below and we will provide you with free 30 days access to the tool.




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